John Hastings

Co-Founder | CEO

John led the commercial exploration and business development of the research work that resulted in the formation of Phasora. He is now directing business operations with the goal of bringing Phasora’s vision to life. John has a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast, and a MSc in Telecommunications. John’s passions lie in utilising contemporary ICT and novel sensor technology to provide solutions to aid in the operation of increasingly complex electricity grids.

Business | Cyber | Telecommunications | Cloud | Sensors


Paul Brogan

Co-Founder | Applications Strategist

As Phasora’s application strategist, Paul plays a pivotal role in prioritising Phasora’s R&D towards applications that are of highest priority to the industry. Paul has a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast, in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the area of Physics. As well as having a passion for data and complex problem solving, Paul has a deep love of ecology and nature, and is committed to working towards a sustainable future.

Data Applications | Analytics | Physics


Aodhán Murray

Co-Founder | Hardware & Software Specialist

Aodhán is leading the development of our flexible sensor technology. Aodhán is completing a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. Aodhán's expertise lies in a wide range of disciplines such as electronic design, PCB layout and embedded systems. His previous experience in designing high resolution, synchronised data acquisition systems is key to his role at Phasora. Aodhán also has vast software development experience with his main interest area being Modern C++ within embedded systems.

Electronics | Embedded Systems | Sensors | Software Applications


Ryan Richards

Software Developer

Having recently completed a postgraduate MSc in Software Development, Ryan has joined the Phasora team as a front-end developer. 

With an undergraduate degree in Film Studies, and a background in documentary filmmaking and photography, Ryan's eye for detail will help us to develop friendly user interfaces using modern web frameworks. 

Front-end | Database Testing